Your Members Called. They Said Your Event App Needs An Upgrade.


Posted by Angie Jackson - 27 March, 2019


Stop the cyclical download & delete trend of event apps and invest in an app that your members will want to keep on their phone.

The MOSAIC™ 365 app has been in the marketplace for almost a decade. As technology evolves, so does MOSAIC™ 365- with several upgrades annually. We partner with each and every one of our clients and listen to what their actual needs are in an app as most organizations are struggling to provide more member benefits and MOSAIC™ 365 is the solution as everyone are using their mobile devices.

Here are four new features:

Enhanced Graphics.

With our latest version, you will see a new event listing as well as a new events dashboard to incorporate all of your logistical information such as event evaluations, event sponsors, shuttle information, Wifi information, photo gallery and our own SmartScan where attendees and exhibitors can scan their mobile badge to exchange contact information or lead retrieval. Everything in one place, in one app? Check.

Event Feed.

Think of this as your instant-update announcement board for your event attendees to stay current with what's happening during your conference. But we’ve factored in engagement, participation, and transparency into the feature. Your attendees are able to post comments regarding the event and others can like and comment. So if the announcement creates confusion, your able to answer your attendees questions immediately. You can also gauge the effectiveness of your event agenda based on attendee session feedback. What a great way to take a pulse on your General Session and speakers immediately without another post-conference survey. 

Custom Newsfeed.

We have expanded our news feed to incorporate new graphics and new ways to disseminate relevant information regarding your organization. In a recent blog, Bethany covered how to create the perfect content for this feature. Plus you can customize the member's experience. The app newsfeed is able to segment posts based on your organization’s chapters or specialty groups. Plus, the feature pays for itself. We've included sponsored ads so you can increase revenue throughout the year. So long event-only sponsorships. 


What better way to promote networking at your event than through your mobile app? We've created a forums feature which allows your organization to create custom groups for like-minded individuals. For example, if you're a state medical society, you can create forums for each specialty. If you're a specialty society, you can create forums based on the member's career stage like student, early career professional, or established professional. Your members will love to post questions, comments, and responses all within your app.  Forums will create a buzz at your event and keep the conversations going well on after. Already have a community through Higher Logic? No problem. MOSAIC™ 365 integrates with their platform, providing a seamless mobile experience for your members. 

Coming soon.

But we are not done yet. Right now we are partnering with the top job board platforms to provide a new career center in MOSAIC™ 365 launching later this month. So if your members are on the go and they will have jobs and career resources they need in the palm of their hand. 

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