Why Associations Need To Re-think Their Event App Strategy.


Posted by Sameer Mulla - 23 May, 2018


Historically, event apps have worked great for organizations. Technology events such as the Google Cloud event, HubSpot’s Inbound event or even music festivals events such as SXSWs have fully utilized event apps. Attendees get a full experience of the event, have access to the program, look at everything that is going on, all using their mobile devices. And that has been the purpose of the event app – to provide a great event mobile experience plus save on printing.

Membership-based organizations seemed to have adopted the same event app model for their events and have continued to provide their attendees the same exact experience – come to our annual conference, enjoy the conference using the app and that’s it. A great experience during the event but nothing beyond that. This “short-term, great experience burst model” is counter-intuitive to the actual lifecycle of a member and in complete contrast to the business model of a member-based organization.

An ideal member would be one who renews on time, attends events, donates, volunteers and is a champion for the organization, recruiting other members. Keeping a member engaged year-round is a need that should not be overlooked. With tools such as a year-round app, organizations can continue to stay in touch with the member in a number of ways. There are plenty of innovative ways to optimize the way associations use apps today- check out these 5 app features associations shouldn't pass over.

Strategizing engagement based on a business model is key to continued and sustained growth of an organization. The key is to understand that members look for value and experience. Provide them year-round value and experience and they will continue to be more engaged members. Period.

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