Top 5 Reasons Your Association App Needs Higher Logic.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 11 December, 2019



Calling all Higher Logic fans!


We now integrate with the Higher Logic Communities.  Your member community is now on mobile! Just imagine, all of your event apps, membership publications, a personalized newsfeed and now your Higher Logic Community in one year-round mobile app. This means higher app adoption rates and mobile retention for your mobile app.


So what does our integration include? Our Higher Logic integration allows you to leverage the messaging, contacts and connect requests with fellow community members within your mobile app. This provides a great way to discuss industry trends, share knowledge gained from your event sessions and increase social contacts you will value for years.


Top 5 Reasons to add Higher Logic to your MOSAIC™ 365 App:

  • Increase social networking among members = increased retention
  • Promote your organization’s events, content, and values
  • Empower members with an ability to communicate and share information
  • Provide a space to share member resources, best practices, and experience that will be valuable for both them and your association
  • Give members a voice


This integration allows your members to connect with one another at any time and increases your association's networking value beyond annual conferences. Your members can interact within multiple communities, connect with colleagues across the globe and private message each other, enabling greater networking opportunities. Our integration with Higher Logic increases loyalty and retention rates by creating a mobile space for members to actively engage with one another all year long. Make your voice heard, I’m sure you and your colleagues want to have input and help shape opinions affecting your profession.


If you are connected and already interacting with each other using Higher Logic Communities, seamlessly continue that experience in the mobile environment within the MOSAIC™ 365 App. By taking advantage of the networking opportunities this improved member experience offers during your event, attendees can continue to forge new connections and carry on the discussion long after your event has concluded!


Want to see how the Higher Logic integration works? Schedule a personalized demo today! 


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