The Truth Behind the MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform.


Posted by Sameer Mulla - 07 November, 2019


Your members deserve trusted technology. You deserve to do business with a company you trust.

For the past 10 years, we’ve built our business on integrity and trust. Which is why more than 60+ associations chose us to securely implement their mobile technology solutions. We are committed to upholding our well-earned reputation.

So we’re setting the record straight about the entire MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform.

How does the MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform integrate with iMIS?

All of MOSAIC’s products are built to connect with iMIS using the REST API. This provides for a secure way to read and write data from iMIS and REST takes care of all the underlying business rules when, for example, a profile update is made by a member via the app.

Not only is MOSAIC™ authorized to write data back into iMIS, being an Authorized ASI Solution Provider, we have more experience with secure iMIS integrations than any other mobile solution provider.


Are MOSAIC™ Apps Native Apps or Web Apps?

MOSAICapps are native apps built for each platform (iOS and Android). The apps are thus able to capitalize on all of the native app capabilities such as disconnected access (provide access to app features even when the user is disconnected from the internet), location based alerts, camera functions for photos and QR code scanning and all other native features of the device.

MOSAIC™ apps are built with flexibility and consistent designs – this helps in providing ‘configuration’ options rather than ‘customization’ options for clients. Having a consistent design across platforms allows ease in marketing and support and has led to higher adoption rates for MOSAIC™ clients.


Is MOSAIC™ Secure?

Built on native platforms from Apple and Android, MOSAICApps are fully secure, keep up with the latest updates for iOS and Android platforms and provide for a robust yet secure user experience, with flexibility to allow for multiple levels of authorization and access levels.

We see our apps as the funnel to attract new members and keep existing members engaged year-round using a secure authentication model.


Why is MOSAIC™ so successful?

Our continued growth can only be attributed to our secure, feature rich apps complemented by our white-glove client success team that ensure client success year after year. Our apps are mature, robust and continue to deliver event and year-round engagement opportunities for our clients. With features such as in-app payments, newsfeeds, forums, events, alerts, and all the sponsorship opportunities, clients see a higher return on investment than any other apps on the market, hands down.


Listen to what our clients have to say.


“…I also wanted to let you know that Bethany was a dream to have on-site. Her assistance, steady hand and calm demeanor at registration made all the difference in the world for the rest of us who were running around behind the curtain putting out fires. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her…”

- Corey R. 

The National Association of Landscaping Professionals



“I can’t thank you and your team enough for the hard work you put in to making everything just perfect for the Annual Meeting…”

- Nicole R. 

American College of Clinical Pharmacology



Seeing is believing and we’re dedicated to being fully transparent with our customers.

Set up a call with us and we’ll give you a backstage tour of the MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform.


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