Nonprofits Unite Through the National iMIS Users Group (NiUG).


Posted by Angie Jackson - 19 March, 2018


Professional associations and nonprofits have unique challenges, so what better way to explore solutions than asking others with the same association management system (AMS)? This week we sat down with Liz Krewson-Ross, Marketing & Communications Specialist with NiUG International to explore how the National iMIS User Group (NiUG) connects the nonprofit community.

What is NiUG?

NiUG is the largest independent, not-for-profit, iMIS user's group. It is our vision to create and maintain a platform where the iMIS community can: share information, easily connect with one another, and continuously gain knowledge through easily accessible educational tools and networking experiences. It is our mission to provide a forum to advocate for, educate, and connect users and vendors in the iMIS community.

We strive to create an environment that provides our members with the proven solutions to their iMIS related questions - saving them time, money, and stress. Starting as a grassroots, regional effort in the mid-90's, NiUG's core purpose remains to advocate, educate, and connect iMIS users, even as we have grown into an international organization.

How many NiUG members are there today, and typically how many join throughout a year?

Currently, we have over 1,200 iMIS using associations worldwide and our membership continues to grow. Over the past two years, we have experienced record setting growth.

Why is it is important for iMIS users to have their own community?

A strong iMIS community is important because users need to be able to connect with other users to learn how to use the product most effectively, to discover ways to apply it to their unique tasks and data, and to share their own insights and discoveries. This type of community enables users to quickly and easily access their data.

Does Advanced Solutions International (ASI), the makers of iMIS, provide payment for membership for NiUG?

No, ASI does not provide payment for NiUG membership.

What are some of the benefits of joining the NiUG community?

Our benefits are simple. NiUG members save money, time, and stress. How? We have developed a wealth of resources to help our members maximize their iMIS investment while making their jobs easier.

How do NiUG members connect & learn from one another?

We offer numerous opportunities for our members to connect with their peers through live events. In addition to our events, members also connect via the NiUG Listserve.

In addition to connecting with fellow users, the listserve connects users with solution providers. Posting a few questions can save an organization several hundred dollars each year – more than covering the cost of membership!

How do NiUG conferences differ from other association-focused events like ASAE’s?

NiUG events differ from all other association-focused events because we focus on the needs of the iMIS community. Our events are the only iMIS events designed for iMIS users by iMIS users.

Are there any exciting new member benefits or events planned for 2018?

We’re super excited for the new year! It is shaping up to be an exciting one with our annual conference series including conferences in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The Tech Summit is also returning this year to Nashville, Tennessee this July. In addition, we are proud and excited to launch our new webinar series in the second quarter of this year.

For more information about NiUG, visit their website or connect with Liz on LinkedIn!

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