[CASE STUDY] NCMA Transformed their Event Experience with One App.


Posted by Karen Bradford - 12 August, 2019


Every year, the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) hosts two events, attracting over 1,000 attendees to locations across the US. They knew they needed a way to improve their event registration process so that staff could focus on attendee experience rather than printing, organizing and sorting through hundreds of badges on site. The MOSAIC™ Check-In App was just the solution they were looking for. We sat down with Mahsheed Ferdowsyan, the Database Manager at NCMA, to hear her firsthand experience of how our product can truly transform an event.

Prior to implementing the MOSAIC™ Check-In App, NCMA spent unnecessary costs on badge stock and printer ink – not to mention the additional staff labor costs. In our interview with Ferdowsyan, she recalled the painstaking task of printing, alphabetizing, packing and shipping hundreds of badges only to lose a few in the shuffle causing a hiccup in the on-site reprinting process. With a process this cumbersome, having several people at the registration booth to support the distribution of badges was a non-negotiable.


“Often clients would become frustrated waiting in line to pick up their badge when really, they just wanted to get checked-in and head straight to their first session or the expo hall." Ferdowsyan soon realized that there had to be a better way and began her search for a solution. In just a few months, our MOSAIC™ Mobile team identified NCMA’s requirements, provided a customized product demonstration and got to work implementing our solution just in time for their next event.


“It was amazing to see how the MOSAIC™ Check-In App immediately reduced registration lines, increased attendee satisfaction, and gave NCMA [staff] valuable time to focus on other areas of our event. I was impressed with how easy it was to use, especially for some of our lifelong members… I’m confident that we’ve saved so much time and money by switching to the MOSAIC™ Check-In App.”


NCMA also gained the power of an administrative portal that provided their staff with real-time data of who had checked-in and how many times they printed their badge. Best of all, NCMA’s decision to implement the MOSAIC™ Check-In App opened another non-dues revenue channel by offering their partners and sponsors the opportunity to sell banner advertisements at the bottom of the kiosk display.

As a technology company serving the association industry, we know the importance of strong customer service at every turn. The MOSAIC™ Mobile team provided on-site support to ensure that NCMA’s event registration ran efficiently and smoothly.


“I love working with [the] MOSAIC™ Mobile team. They are very professional, easy going, and patient. They know what they are doing, and they are always available to help and support. Actually, there was a situation that they helped me with at 4:00 in the morning. They make sure everything runs well and they always ask for our feedback. The team is very knowledgeable of their products and always willing to help me.”


Your association’s conference is typically the first and only direct interaction members have with your organization – which makes creating an exceptional experience critical. The MOSAIC™ Check-In App self-service kiosk is one part of your conference that will not only improve your attendee experience but save staff-time and stress. If you’d like to learn more about the MOSAIC™ Check-In App, drop us a line, we’re happy to talk through your next conference’s needs.


“The MOSAIC™ Check-In App was efficient, user-friendly, and brought a professional sophistication to our conference,” Ferdowsyan added. “The Check-In App is a 5-star product and I would highly recommend it to any association looking to improve their attendee experience.”

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