Mobile Content 101: Create, Organize, Repurpose, Repeat.


Posted by Karen Bradford - 07 July, 2018


With the majority of business and social interaction moving to mobile, associations are looking for new ways to get their message to members. Mobile apps offer instant alerts, private messaging, a news feed and digital resource libraries all as ways to communicate the latest breaking news and provide 1:1 interaction between members and the association. Before you create content, follow these four simple guidelines to increase engagement with your mobile app members.


When you're creating content for your mobile app, there are several areas to keep in mind. The content should be easy to read by keeping paragraphs short, formatting with bold headers and italicizing important points. Make sure that the design is formatted for mobile viewing either in landscape or portrait view. Include video and informative imagery whenever possible!


Content is only good if it can be found! A mobile app digital resource library allows you to tag content by categories and incorporates easy to use search functionality. Imagine your members begin able to search through thousands of journal articles from the touch of their fingertips. Better yet, the mobile app resource library allows your members to save, download or share the limitless cloud content.


One simple step to creating content is reusing what you already have. Look at the news briefs, social posts, journal articles or any podcasts and videos your organization produced over the past year. Optimize the content so it's easy to read on mobile and the file size isn't too large, so users can download on their smartphone without taking up too much storage space.


Keep it fresh! Once you have a good repository of content on your app start thinking about what's next. Take a look at your most popular downloads, favorites, and shares and start brainstorming similar content to create.

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Topics: Mobile Engagement, Member Communications & Outreach

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