Elevate Your Event Experience with On-site App Support.


Posted by Karen Bradford - 08 March, 2019


Creating a personalized experience with technical help on-hand allows your event to run smoothly and provides your attendees with white-glove customer care. Having an app expert who knows your association's app inside and out at your event is immensely valuable and here’s why:

On-site vs Remote Support: Communication in person is better than by email or phone when it comes to technology. A real-time presence whenever you or your attendees need it, is a valuable resource and a definite time saver. On-site support can often diagnose a problem and tell if the issue is user related or requires additional tech support. It is much easier to diagnose more vague problems in person rather than remotely. When you have on-site support, that person is devoting their time to you for the entire event time you designate, so you don’t have to wait for a response and wonder how many other clients they may be assisting.

You Want to Keep Your Staff and Volunteers Focused on the Event Experience: Let’s face it, your association staff and volunteers work long hours and are swamped with event logistics. Their top priorities are ensuring your event space is easy to navigate and that registration, sessions and special events are running smoothly, all to provide a worthwhile educational experience that guarantee your attendees leave with invaluable memories. Your staff should not be stressed with simple technical questions that arise with your app like “Why can’t I log in?”, “How do I participate in the game?”, “Where do I go in the app to fill out my evaluations?”, “Why can’t I find….?.” You get the picture. Our customer care team can field these simple asks with one-on-one demonstrations and previews of your new event app.

Maximize Your Attendee App Usage: Having an experienced app support specialist on-site dedicated to helping your attendees get the most out of their app by answering questions, troubleshooting technical issues and handling all app-related tasks can be a great benefit and encourages your attendees to utilize the app throughout the event. They know YOUR app inside and out. Their presence at your event alone helps promote your app and its usage.

Return on Investment: You put time, money and effort into creating an app to help your attendees stay informed, engaged, organized and network effectively. But they have to actually want to install it and use it! Adding on-site app support during your event will assist hesitant attendees to feel comfortable using the app and attendees who are already using the app will have in-person assistance to enhance their app experience and that means your attendees can enjoy a whole new level of convenience during your event. It’s a win for you and for them!

The MOSAIC™ 365 app is a valuable resource that automates and simplifies the overall attendee experience at your event. On-site app support is an additional face to face resource and that level of personal interaction gives your staff and attendees direct access to a human being that can listen, understand, diagnose and solve. Which in turn ensures your apps strong presence and improves the overall customer service you provide.

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