3 Mobile Metrics to Measure Engagement.


Posted by Angie Jackson - 24 April, 2019


Congratulations! After months of vendor research, a multitude of cross-departmental meetings and constant tweaks to the user interface, your association finally has a mobile app.

All that hard work has paid off - or so it seems.

Don't let a nice user interface or big event launch mislead you into thinking your mobile app is a great success. It's typical for apps to have a spike in their usage and engagement during the initial launch months. Not only is it important to implement a plan for year-round engagement, it is also important that your team begins tracking these three metrics to prove a return on investment to key stakeholders.

Number of Downloads

This metric is one of the most important, first metrics you want to pay attention to when launching your app. The ratio of downloads to conference registrants and members is a strong indication of the success of your marketing campaign. If your app is fully integrated with your association management system (AMS), you should be able to determine which members are downloading your app and pertinent demographic information that will help you adjust your marketing campaign accordingly.

Average Number of Daily/Monthly Users

Those members that are regularly engaging with your app are usually the ones who are creating the most value - especially within mobile forums or communities. Be sure to track your users based their mobile platform (Apple, Android, etc.) and then breakdown that segment into device type (phone or tablet). It's important to monitor the various user segments within your mobile app to support a targeted marketing approach.

Time in App

The length of time your members are spending inside of your app is a strong indicator of your long-term engagement success - especially if you built a year-round app. Year-round association apps go beyond your typical event-only app by giving members much more to engage with when the event is over. One way many associations extend the length of time in their app is to use the news feed feature to share relevant articles, updates and blog posts.


Developing a year-round mobile app for your association is an exciting accomplishment - don't let the excitement die after the launch. It's important that you and your team continue to make improvements to the mobile app experience by continuously tracking the mobile key performance indicators (KPIs) listed above. With consistency and pivots you'll be able to demonstrate a return on investment in no time.


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